• Marketing Through Turbulent Times

    Jenny examines the challenges of marketing in the current environment and provides a range of principles and tools (including the Problems-Solutions ™ framework) for strategic marketing.

    Marketing Through Turbulent Times
  • Why Marketing to Women Doesn’t Work

    Jenny outlines four concerns she has with current approaches used to market to women: gender washing, multiple and blurring roles, gender convergence, and a failure to consider her overarching needs.

    Why Marketing to Women Doesn’t Work

JennyDr Jenny Darroch is a Professor of Marketing at the Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management and founder of Mollior.com. She specializes in marketing strategy - in particular market definition and market segmentation, with a special interest in marketing to women. Author of three books including Marketing Through Turbulent Times and Why Marketing to Women Doesn't Work and over 30 research articles. Dr Darroch holds graduate degrees in marketing, economics, and international business and a PhD in Marketing, Knowledge Management and Innovation. Read More.